Dr Edmund Brice

After completing his undergraduate training at the University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur Hospital, Dr Brice successfully attained a scholarship from the South African Medical Research Council. He then embarked on a period of research in the Department of Medicine and Biochemistry at the University of Cape Town that led to his doctoral thesis on the molecular biology of angiotensin converting enzyme.

Postgraduate training in internal medicine and cardiology followed at Groote Schuur Hospital and in 1999, Dr Brice completed a cardiology fellowship at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Dr Brice returned to Cape Town in 2000 and took up the position of cardiologist and senior specialist at Tygerberg Academic Hospital. There, he was active in all areas of the specialty including interventional coronary procedures and pacing. He also pursued interests in echocardiography as lead consultant of the echo laboratory. Running the lipid/cardiac risk clinic, Dr Brice participated in many international research trials on therapeutic agents, especially in the field of lipid disorders.

Dr Brice offers cardiology consultations several times weekly at Mandurah & Murdoch. He also regularly consults at Narrogin & Geraldton.

Email: ebreception@wacardiology.com.au