Should I still attend my appointment during the Covid-19 pandemic?

To ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff, WA Cardiology is closely monitoring the situation with regard to COVID-19 and adhering to the WA Health Department guidelines.
Regular updates and advice on the disease are being provided by the Department of Health and can be found at

All patients should only attend their scheduled appointment if they have not come into contact with Covid19 and are feeling well. Patients who have tested positive for Covid should reschedule their appointment for at least 7 days after testing positive. Thereafter, they should only attend if asymptomatic.

In the interest of safety for our patients and staff, you must reschedule your appointment if you:

• Have tested positive for Covid
• Have any flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat or are feeling unwell

Your Cardiologist may be able to consult with you via Telehealth. Please call their Secretary for more information.

We continue to take the following steps to mitigate the likelihood of the transmission of Covid-19:

• Spacing waiting room chairs to maintain an acceptable social distance
• Having hand sanitising stations available for patients to use upon arrival
• Practising strict hand hygiene protocols at all times
• Sterilising all handles, surfaces and medical equipment according to infection control protocols
• Avoiding unnecessary personal contact (e.g. shaking hands)
• Removing all magazines and newspapers from waiting rooms

To limit the number of people entering our rooms, we ask that you attend your appointment by yourself where possible. Do not bring family members unless they are your Carer. Your Carer should remain outside the practice unless they need to assist you.

Should the Health Department’s advice change, we will immediately implement their recommendations.